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The Black Thornberry



Growing up I always struggled with fitting in or being accepted. I didn't have the best childhood but the one thing that brought me comfort were my stuffed animals. When I turned 9 years old my mom bought me my first pet rabbit and his name was fluffy. He greeted me when I came home from school after a bad day, and brought me so much joy. My parents were going through a divorce so I would spend most of the time in my room and I had the responsibility of taking care of him but now looking back, I think we took care of each other. Being taught to love animals as a child really allowed me to see life through their eyes and it made me who I am today. 


I rescued my first litter of kittens at 14 years of age and since then its been my mission to help get them off the streets. I also assist pet parents in the community with food/supplies, trap abandoned dogs, TNR services and although this is a small organization, I'm doing my best to help! My daughter Arianna is also apart of this lifesaving work and together we are doing our best to end animal homelessness in Philadelphia and hopefully one day around the world. Our planet needs us now more than ever. Never turn a blind eye to animal cruelty!

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“To give those without a voice a second chance at life safe from abuse and neglect”.


Providing a service to the community by helping stray and abandoned animals off the streets

in Philadelphia, Pa. As a small volunteered based rescue, we strive to help rehabilitate and re-home neglected animals in crisis situations to ensure that they live a new life free from cruelty and abandonment. 

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